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A Jet-Thruster system can be installed in any boat without causing unwanted turbulence or cavitation. The installation process is minimally invasive and in most cases does not even involve fiberglass work. All materials used in the manufacturing of our components are selected for their highest resistance to corrosion, ensuring that our systems will provide years of trouble free operation. Jet-Thrusters are available for hulls made from wood, fiberglass, aluminum and steel.
Bow Thruster

Bow Thrusters can be installed even in boats with extremely shallow draft. While it is important that the pump is positioned below the waterline, the jets can be as far forward in the bow section as possible to provide the highest efficiency. Nozzles should be installed about 3″ below the waterline.

Stern Thruster

Some boats may already be equipped with a bow thruster but you realize that it would be beneficial to have more control over the stern movement. We have the perfect Jet-Thruster for your boat. You will be amazed at how our system makes maneuvering in tight spots a breeze.

Combi Thruster

Depending on the hull geometry and the propulsion of your boat, you may consider the installation of a Combi-Thruster. After all, with just one single pump, you can upgrade your boat to effortless sideways-docking-capability. Then just add the new wireless remote control and you have full control at your fingertip.


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